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Fishtales Dinner Menu


Lobster Bisque 4.99/6.99

Sherry, cream, Maine lobster

Clam Chowder 3.99/4.99
Potato, clams, onion, cream

Onion Rings 8.99
Hand cut, chipotle ranch

Chicken Wings 8.99
Sweet chili, teriyaki, hot, medium or BBQ

Boneless Tenders 8.99
Sweet chili, teriyaki, hot, medium or BBQ

Maine Steamers 14.99
Broth, drawn butter & lemon

Crispy Brussels 8.99
Crisp bacon, sweet cider reduction

Lobster Fritters 10.99
Béarnaise sauce

Italian Flatbread 10.00
Grilled flatbread, olive oil, balsamic, Italian meats, hot peppers and asiago

School Street Corn 7.99
Native corn, lemon pepper mayonnaise, cotija cheese

Fried Cauliflower 7.99
Buffalo, gorgonzola, celery

Fishtales Nachos 9.99
Corn tortilla chips, cheddar, pulled chicken or beef, pickled jalapeño, tomatoes


Caesar Salad 9.99

Romaine, House Caesar dressing, crouton, parmesan

Chipotle Salad 15.99
Tomatoes, cucumbers, cheddar, scallion, tortilla chips, grilled chicken

Baby Kale Salad 11.99
Gorgonzola, walnut, apples, cider vinaigrette

Lobster Cobb Salad 21.99
Tomatoes, avocado, bacon, egg, cucumber, gorgonzola, chilled lobster meat

Arugula Salad 10.99
Goat cheese, dried fruit, pistachios, balsamic

Beet Salad 10.99
Goat cheese, greens, honey, citrus vinaigrette

Heirloom Tomato Salad 11.99
Burrata cheese, basil, olive oil ,balsamic, crouton

Toppers: Grilled Chicken 6 / Sirloin Tips 8 / Shrimp 7 / Salmon 8 / Scallops 8



All baked seafood comes with choice of potato and vegetable, soup or salad

Haddock 18.99

Seafood stuffing, lobster sauce

Swordfish 19.99
Grilled, herb butter

Scallops 20.99
Baked, butter, breadcrumbs or bacon and Vermont cheddar

Salmon 18.99
Pan seared, lemon butter

Stuffed Shrimp 18.99
Seafood stuffing, butter, breadcrumbs

Lazy Lobster 29.99
Butter, tarragon, sea salt

All fried seafood comes on a bed of fries with house coleslaw

Fish & Chips 15.99

Battered, fried Atlantic Cod, Tartar sauce

The Fish Tale Platter 26.99
Atlantic cod, clam strips, gulf shrimp, sea scallops, tartar, cocktail sauce

Sea Scallops 20.99
Lightly breaded, golden fried, lemon pepper aioli

Whole Clams MKT
Lightly breaded, golden fried, cocktail sauce

Clam Strips 15.99
Lightly breaded, golden fried, tartar sauce



Entrees come with soup or salad

Ribeye 20.99

Mashed potato, baby carrot, scallion butter

Bone in Chicken Breast 18.99
Oven roasted, cheesy grits, mushrooms, green beans and jus

Mac & Cheese 13.99
3 Cheese mornay, cavatappi pasta, toasted bread crumbs
Add Lobster 10 / Add Chicken 8 / Add Steak Tips 9

Sirlon Tips 17.99
House cut and marinated, mashed sweet potato, brussel sprouts

Seared Scallops 22.99
Cauliflower, bacon

Linguini Bolognese 18.99
Local beef, pancetta, ricotta, parmesan

Seafood Scampi 23.99
Chefs fresh daily seafood selection, linguini, garlic, olive oil

School Street Meatloaf 15.99
Bacon wrapped, mashed potatoes, gravy, chef's vegetable

Baked Potato 3
Mashed Sweet Potato 4
Baby Carrots 5
Fried Cauliflower 5
Brussel Sprouts 5
Rice Pilaf 3
Hatfield Fries 3
French Fries 3
Sweet Potato Fries 3

Please inform your server of any allergies in your party. 
Consuming raw or under-cooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs, your health risk of food-borne illness, especially if you have medial conditions***

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